To Be Super Mom

Being a super mom for 24 hours a week I think is impossible. We may be tempted to have a bit of activity outside the home leaving children with their fathers or with a baby sitter.

The first step to being a super mom is organization. Yes I understand that being organized doesn’t sound like fun, but when your life and home is organized everything runs smoother. In turn you have more time for fun activities with your child/children.

Make sure everything in your home has a place. Even if that means you have a junk drawer, or a paper drawer. Everyone has one. When everything has a home you don’t waste time looking for things and when cleaning up instead of finding something a home you know where it belongs. Next make your calendar your friend. Write everything down from school plays to Dr appointments to work and sports schedules, etc.

We’re almost at the fun part. Now instead of waiting for an opportunity to have some fun, go through your calendar and schedule it in like a Dr’s appointment. No more excuses find the time. It can be family night once a week or family fun day once a month. You choose depending on your schedules.

The fun and free part is, keep all your ideas in an empty place, or write down all your ideas in your ambitious diary. If you don’t have any ideas yet visit websites to get some inspiration. You can pick crafts, activities, day trips, baking, whatever your family is into. Now you fill the jar with all the ideas you gather and when it’s family night your ready, no more thinking on the fly.

You can have your child choose what they do randomly like taking a lottery. Or you can pick out what activity your up to depending on how long of a day you had. Maybe offer the option for the kids to leave suggestions on stuff they’d like added to the jar. It’s also excellent bribery, “If you get straight A’s you can add that to the jar.”

From that thing you will become an incredible super mom. Remember you don’t need to spend a lot of money or do anything too extravagant. Doing things out of the ordinary in itself is fun. Ask a friend the last time they planned a picnic for their kids or went on a nature walk. Try to remember your favorite childhood memories and use the them to inspire your creativity.